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The renowned Billy Bunter left Greyfriar’s School with a blemished record, and blagged his way into a place at Balliol College, Oxford from which he graduated with an upper second class degree in Classics. There began his relentless path into politics, transforming himself into William G Bunter MP and riding the wave of Brexit into the office of Prime Minister.

The new PM presides over Prime Minister’s Questions
Featured in Private Eye
Bunter's Brexit - Get Brexit Done
Bunter left nothing to chance in his mission to Get Brexit Done

The classical Billy Bunter books have delighted audiences for generations, with tales of Bunter’s hilarious exploits at Greyfriars school. Nobody expected the schoolboy Bunter to reach adulthood, but now, for the first time, we can meet the slothful schoolboy in his prime. Any resemblance to past Prime Ministers, alive or dead in a ditch, is purely coincidental.

Adlibrio plans to bring you the movie of Bunter’s disastrous Brexit project, featuring the notorious Brexit bus, the lies, the scandals and the intrigue – and we’re relying on your help to produce it. You can participate in many ways – donate to appear in the credits, bid for NFTs – or even get to audition as a member of the cast. Click here for details.