We need your help to launch the movie they didn’t want us to make

Buy NFTs

There are many ways that you can participate to guarantee the success of Bunter’s Brexit – The Movie. There are probably few ways you can guarantee the success of Brexit itself. You can simply pay to appear in the movie credits, you can reserve your VIP premiere seats, you can buy NFTs of cartoons from our exclusive Bunter’s Brexit collection, drawn by award winning cartoonist Andrew Fyfe.

All contributors will appear in the movie credits

We are about to tell the story that they didn’t want you to hear – A story of power and politics, of greed and gumption. You couldn’t make it up – but we’re trying. Your contribution will allow us to succeed – to hire a cast of amateurs and nobodies led by the blind to achieve greatness. Just like Brexit itself. Choose your benefits below, then pay the man and go – and let’s make movies together!

In return for your contribution you can expect to appear in the credits, enjoy tickets to the Premier, or enter a draw to audition to play one of two characters.

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