William Brown of Just William fame has not advanced beyond an 11 year old boy in a hundred years. We think Billy Bunter is bigger than that in every way, and we intend to set him loose as an adult on the public, taking office as Prime Minister of the UK.

Bunter’s zip-lining publicity stunt ends in disaster when he is left stranded in mid-air

Bunter uses his natural guile and cunning to be selected for a safe seat in the fictional jurisdiction of Mornington Borough, where he employs the phenomenon of Brexit to promote his fiercely patriotic agenda, and becomes elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party. We are soon to begin auditions for the main part of Billy Bunter.

To stage the production we are hoping to use an authentic studio mock-up of the House of Commons chamber as seen in the feature film ‘The Iron Lady’ and BBC drama serial ‘State of Play’, among others. It is a one of a kind almost 1 to 1 scale replica and can accommodate 180 people to give a realistic feel to Commons proceedings.

There is a ready audience for this movie in the wake of a real-life disastrous exit from the EU and an unprecedented period of corruption and farce in government.