Buy NFTs

We commissioned celebrated cartoonist Andrew Fyfe to produce illustrations for our website and the forthcoming book, Bunter’s Brexit, chronicling the rise and rise of William G Bunter MP.

The images were uniquely designed to reflect just how Billy Bunter might look in middle age, and in particular as a politician and Prime Minister.

From his first celebrity cartoon presented to Sophia Loren at the age of 17, Andrew has been a regular contributor to Mad magazine, TV Week, The Herald Sun, The Sunday Telegraph, Mx and Truth and others.

Now you can own one of a unique series of NFTs drawn by Andrew Fyfe to illustrate Bunter’s Brexit, helping to fund the production of the movie.

To bid for an NFT and help us achieve our funding goals, simply navigate to OpenSea – the largest and first market place for NFTs. You will need to pay in Ethereum. We will only mint one copy of each of the images in the Bunter’s Brexit collection, so what you are buying will be unique and easy even appreciate in value. The most important thing is that you will be helping to make sure our movie happens!